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Marineco UK is a British firm that, under the direction of Managing director Mike Conafray, has grown from a heating and ventilation contractor in Edinburgh to worldwide supplier of workboat and wind-farm vessels. Marineco currently owns and operates eight vessels, with the ninth on its way on the 1st of July 2013.

This gradual but well managed expansion since 1996 has allowed us to carefully build our expertise in all sectors of offshore operations. The vast majority our crew are trained by Marineco, providing consistency on our vessels and from contract to contract. We also offer long term crew the opportunity to move up through the ranks, meaning that several of our Masters, Chief officers and AB’s have over ten years’ service with the company. Every one of our crew meet and often exceed the minimum STCW standards for our vessels.

Marineco vessels have worked in France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Romania, The Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE, Sri Lanka and India, and we have gained invaluable experience during these contracts.

In the coming years, Marineco UK intends to maintain our presence in the workboat industry both in the UK and further afield and expanding our fleet if the right vessels become available.

Our First Contract

Our first marine contract in July 1996 was awarded by Rasmussen Offshore, the contract included running crew boats and supplying riggers to the rig “Polyconcorde” to carry out maintenance and repairs throughout the rig. Shortly afterwards we were awarded the contract by Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd and this contract from small beginnings expanded to provide transportation of men and materials to the Forth Road Bridge which was being extensively overhauled at that time. The contract lasted for 78 weeks during which time we gained considerable valuable and practical marine construction experience.

For the next few years we worked closely with the sea farming industry in Scotland and other marine construction contracts such as the Humber Sea Terminal for Edmund Nutall Ltd and repairs to the Kincardine Bridge. Our first true Multicat charter was for Volker Stevin in the Orkney Islands assisting in the construction of a new ferry terminal. Whilst there we also assisted Chrisitani Neilson on the construction of the Scrabster ferry terminal where at one point we had 3 vessels on this project

Alongside the workboat hire the company maintained a steady policy of expansion through extensive research: buying, refurbishing and selling on a succession of workboats, each vessel working on various contracts which took the company’s operational reach further and further afield. The profits from both hire and vessel sales were always invested back into the company and in 2006 we made a further appraisal of our existing fleet.

We had been awarded a contract in The Netherlands by Ballast Nedam providing marine assistance to the Egmund Wind Farm, a €200 million contract to build one of the first large scale offshore renewable projects . We also were awarded a contract by Volker Stevin at the Dragon LNG Terminal, Milford Haven, which was built to import, store and regasify LNG providing the UK with clean and reliable energy.

These longer term contracts allowed MarineCo UK Ltd to progress to vessels which offered greater power and versatility with a worldwide reach. We placed an order with Damen Shipyards of The Netherlands for a new 2609 Shoalbuster named MarineCo Toomai. Launched in June 2007 this vessel has at the time of writing never been out of contract, having sailed UK – Dubai – UK, from UK – Mexico- UK and we believe is the most widely travelled vessel of her class under the UK flag. She assisted at The World, Dubai before returning to Ireland to work on gas pipeline and then on to Cancun, Mexico for a beach replenishment project.

MarineCo UK has gone on to expand the fleet with the purchase of Damen MulitCat 2409 the MarineCo Hathi, a Damen Stantug 2608 the MarineCo Ashanti, and a Damen Shoalbuster 2409 the MarineCo Akela. We also have several other shallow drafted and highly manoeuvrable vessels which allow us to work in rivers and undertake surveys, assist with bridge building, ship to ship transport etc. Further details on the contracts undertaken can be seen in our Fleet Summary section

The power, reliability and versatility of these vessels has enabled MarineCo UK to attract clients such as the major world dredging and construction operators, Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors, Jan de Nul , Ballast Nedam, Royal Boskalis, Westminster Dredging, Dredging International to name but a few.

Our Versatility

The versatility of our fleet has also enabled us to service the needs of salvage and specialist marine contractors such as Fugro Seacore, Titan Marine , UK MOD, civil engineers Herbosch- Keire, Volker Stevin, Morgan Vinci, working on projects from Tunisia to India, Dubai to Mexico, Spain, Morocco Norway, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, USA, Belgium. Italy & Egypt. Works undertaken include building ferry terminals, wind farms, bridges, beach replenishment, ports, energy pipelines, ship to ship transfers.

Whilst these vessels are the best that Dutch maritime experience can design and build; the vessels are not complete without experienced, reliable STCW qualified crew. MarineCo UK has invested heavily in training crews to meet the challenges of modern 24/7 working, promoting from within the company ensuring that the skills learned both during training and on site are rolled out throughout the workforce.

The Future

Going forward Marine Co UK has the resources to continue to provide dedicated marine support to our clients, many of whom are renowned worldwide as experts in marine engineering and construction. We are willing and able to tender for contracts anywhere in the world so if you require a quotation, please contact us without delay.

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